Dan Woodger

Daniel Woodger started his professional career with Spencer Turbine as a Computer Draftsman. But even then he was more inclined toward the mechanical aspect of things. While working for Spencer Turbine he started ensuring proper cleaning, heating, and ventilation for air handling equipment for large building. In 1988, Daniel Graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Mechanical Engineering and immediately took his expertise to his own Limited Liability Company. He developed a trucking business that delivered soils and sands to golf courses. Over the next 8 years, he serviced around 90 golf courses in the New England area. Over that course of time, he began to own and operate large machines and equipments like wheel loader and wash plants in the use of golf industry. Not happy with resting on his laurels Daniel Woodger decided to expand his business to mulch and compost delivery in 1997.
He started picking up miscellaneous works for his business like clearing land, cutting and splitting firewood too. However, his main attention remained towards the Mechanical side of things where he developed expertise in engine rebuilding to manufacture his own tools. In addition to that, he built a computer aided torch table to build his own machine parts to replace the ones plagued by wear and tear in his various businesses. After nine long years of handling various operations Daniel finally decided to transition to the energy market taking a position of Operations Manager in Ag-Grid Energy in 2017. In Ag-Grid he handles day to day management of operations of constructions in farm digesters. He also helps in operations and maintenance for Dressur-Rand Guascor Engines. Daniel Woodger has gathered an wide skill set with 25 years of experience in managing various operations in his business. He wants to further utilize his expertise of Mechanical Engineering to further enhance the engineering and constructions of anaerobic digesters and to revolutionize operations and management of the system.


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