Rockwood Ag-Grid Organics Depackager

Rockwood Ag-Grid Organics (RAG-O) is being established at Rockwood Farms to support the Rockwood Ag-Grid anaerobic digester. Currently, Rockwood Ag-Grid has added an anaerobic digester to process dairy manure and liquid food waste. The RAG-O adds a solid and packaged food waste handling system at the farm. Dan Woodger and Ag-Grid Energy are active members in the operation and will have vested interest in further expansion of the waste to renewable energy venture at Rockwood Farms. Specifically, Dan Woodger is slated to operate and manage the system once operational.
The depackger system has the capacity to process 100 tons/day of waste. The package waste is diverted back for useful use if the stream is not mixed. RAG-O has 2 employees who would operate the depackager. The organics from the operation would be channeled to the Rockwood Ag-Grid anaerobic digester.
Dan Woodger has partnered with Ag Grid LLC to form a special purpose Company, Rockwood-Ag Grid Organics LLC, for ownership of and investment in the depackager system installation and operation.

The Farm Team

Dan Woodger

Daniel Woodger started his professional career with Spencer Turbine as a Computer Draftsman. But even then he was more inclined toward the mechanical aspect of things. Over that course of time, he began to own and operate large machines and equipments like wheel loader and wash plants in the use of golf industry. Not happy with resting on his laurels Daniel Woodger decided to expand his business to mulch and compost delivery in 1997. After nine long years of handling various operations Daniel finally decided to transition to the energy market taking a position of Operations Manager in Rockwood Ag-Grid Energy in 2017.
In Rockwood Ag-Grid he handles day to day management of operations during and after construction of farm digesters. He wants to further utilize his expertise of Mechanical Engineering to further enhance the engineering and constructions of anaerobic digesters and to revolutionize operations and management of the system.




Grand Opening of Rockwood Ag-Grid and Rockwood Ag-Grid Organics
We would like you to invite you to join us on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at Rockwood Farms in Granville, MA for the grand opening of Rockwood Ag-Grid (Food Waste Anaerobic Digester) and Rockwood Ag-Grid Organics (Food Waste Depackager). The state-of-the-art anaerobic digester and depackager will officially be up and running, greening up energy production across the Commonwealth and improving the processing of liquid, packaged and solid food waste.

Rockwood Farms, located in Granville, is owned and operated by Richard and Douglas Woodger. They are 1st and 2nd generation family members, farming on this land since 1967. The family is strongly committed to sustainability practices and is excited to share this renewable venture with you.
The Rockwood Ag-Grid anaerobic digester recycles farm and food waste, generating 3.5 million kW hours of renewable energy annually, reducing millions of tons of CO2 emissions.
Rockwood Ag-Grid offers net metering credits for purchases from the anaerobic digester and benefits from savings on electricity bills. In western Massachusetts alone, 11 municipalities have joined this program.
Rockwood Ag-Grid Organics is expected to process 100 tons of packaged food waste every day. The state of the art depackager is Scott’s Thor System. This depackaging process will support the Commonwealth’s goal to remove more food waste from landfills.
The rapid pace of the climate crisis makes it clear that it will take each and every one of us to step up and make a change to reduce our carbon footprint immediately.
The grand opening celebration will include a speaking program, as well as a tour of the farm and the anaerobic digester and depakager. The event is by invitation only.
We appreciate your leadership and commitment to the environment and look forward to your participation at this significant event.

Come and visit!
OPEN HOUSE: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (EDT)
Rockwood Farms 355 Granby Road
Granville, Massachusetts 01034


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