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Rockwood Ag-Grid Digester 450 KW – Granville, Massachusetts Receiving liquid food waste since April 2018

Organic Liquid Lines
Biogas Lines
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Rockwood Ag-Grid LLC Background

Rockwood Ag-Grid LLC (RAG) represents the partnership of Ag-Grid Energy LLC (AGE) of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and Rockwood Farms of Granville, Massachusetts.
Our collective goal is to produce clean and renewable energy from agricultural and consumer waste through anaerobic digestion. This process takes the animal waste, cow manure in this case, produced on the farm and pumps it into an anaerobic digester (AD).
Continuously mixing the manure for 3-4 weeks of residence time, the digester expels a substance called digestate, of which the solid form is used as animal bedding and the liquid form is used as a fertilizer.
Trapped within the tank is biogas that is then converted into electricity to be used on the farm and the excess sold back to the grid. The digester to be used on Rockwood Farms will be a co-digester, able to take animal waste as well as organic food waste.

On an annual basis Rockwood Ag-Grid LLC is producing

3.5 Million kilo watt hours of electricity.
    - Electricity for Rockwood Farm
    - Excess electricity to serve the local community such as Town of Granville
Heat for Rockwood barn floors, house and water (replace oil and wood burning).
Reducing farm odors.
Recycling ~30,000 tons of food waste from the local area
Reducing Millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and
Generating an ongoing cash flow for Rockwood Farms sustainability

Rockwood Ag-Grid Facility

Waste to Energy Schematic
Adding depackager to Rockwood Ag-Grid Bio-based route for Organic Waste to Energy
Rockwood Ag-Grid Organics has selected a Scott’s Thor system
Depackager building would be added to the layout per the proposal below

RAG-O Depackager Construction Progress

Food waste market focus is shifting from liquid waste to solid waste that supports Rockwood Ag-Grid Organics concept

Liquid food waste
    - Fats, Oils and Greases
    - Food Processing Waste
    - Tanker trucks with pumps
No additional management
Less complexity
Less odor management
Solid/Packaged food waste
    - Clean streams
    - Contaminated/mixed stream
    - Box trucks
    - Specific Organic trucks
Packaging Disposal Management
More complexity
More odor management

What can Rockwood Ag-Grid Organics Process?

The depackager could process 100 tons/day
The depackager can process
    - Solid food such as fruits and vegetables
    - Plastic packaged food
    - Aluminum cans with food waste
    - Tin cans with food waste
The team would process
    - Palletized and boxed food waste to prepare
    - Totes of liquid food waste
    - DAFs
The depackager cannot process
    - Glass


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