Fort Hill Farms

Fort Hill Farms, LLC is owned by the Orr family. This farm family currently has 3 generation working the land and farm. Peter and Kies (father and daughter) are primarily responsible for daily operations on the farm and all are strongly committed to sustainability practices in general, and this renewable energy venture, specifically.
Fort Hill Farms is presently milking over 200 cows in a standard milking parlor and expect a significant growth in their milking operations once the farm digester is built. Peter's main focus has been to grow the lands he owns and currently the farm has enough lands to allow him to expand his farm and be able to disperse manure and the contained nutrients on his own crop lands with ease and therefore positioned to produce food in a sustainable manner.
A sustainable dairy farm takes advantage of complex recycling of natural resources to produce food and with the co-generation of electricity and the virtual demise of the farm methane load in the process, the farm will become even a more positive contributor to the environment.
The farm currently employs 6 full-time and seasonal part-time people. The farm can ship up to 2000 gallons of milk each day to their dairy cooperative. In addition to the milking operation, they grow over 350 acres of corn and 250 acres of hay and alfalfa. These crops are used to feed their animals and are sometimes sold to other farmers in need. The farm currently has about one million gallons of manure storage.
Fort Hill Farms has partnered with Ag Grid LLC to form a Special Purpose Company, Fort Hill Ag-Grid LLC, for ownership of and investment in the digester system.


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