Ag-Grid Energy LLC operates out of Kennett Square, PA, a suburban town that also happens to be the mushroom capital of the world. As a result, the area produces close to a million pounds of mushroom each week. Consequently, the waste that is produced, known as spent mushroom substrate (SMS), tops nearly 2.1 million tons, annually.
Not only does SMS produce a horrible odor in Kennett Square and its surrounding areas, but it also can release toxic hydrogen sulfide gas into the air and pollute water if maintained incorrectly.
What’s more: most farmers and waste facilities don’t know what to do with the excessive amounts of SMS produced. Ag-Grid’s goal is to use the heavily-organic SMS through anaerobic digestion to

1) produce clean energy,
2) eradicate the odor from the area,
3) keep the environment safe from toxic pollutants.


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